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On Saturday evening Pat and I enjoyed a cruise on the Summer Wind, a  steel-hulled, Junk-rigged ocean cruising schooner operated by American Sailing Tours.  The trip was billed as a “Sunset Sail” and was recently named the #1 Most Romantic thing to do in Philadelphia.  We had dinner and drinks at Dave and Busters which is right next door to the pier the tour company uses.

Bring on the romance!

As instructed we arrived around 7:15 so we wouldn’t get left behind when the boat departed at exactly 7:30pm.  We were a little nervous when the captain greeted us by saying “if you’re on the 7:30 boat ride… get on.”  So we did!  Customer service is definitely something this guy needs to take a few classes in but it ended up being ok, we didn’t really feel like chit-chatting with the crew anyway.

Sunset on the Delaware

When I called to make reservations the captain told me that the boat is BYOB; we had some drinks with dinner so we abstained (plus it’s NOT very romantic to be hurling your OB over the side of the sailboat…)  However there was a cooler with some waters and soda which was nice.  We cruised about a mile down the river, making a few large circles here and there to avoid barges.


The Camden Riversharks play right on the river on the Jersey side and we were treated to some post-ballgame fireworks at the end of our sail.  I was really happy that the captain circled the boat back around so I could get a better view.  Patrick was especially excited, he LOVES fireworks.

More fireworks

I wasn’t paying close attention to the time but I think the whole sail was about 2 hours.  I liked watching the captain and his helper (the skipper?) move the sails around to catch the teeny bit of wind we had that night.  It was also fun to get out of the city heat and onto the water.  Though I must say the Delaware River is probably the least romantic river for a sailboat cruise.  It is a major shipping channel after all… 

But for a great view of the city, a gorgeous sunset and front-row seats to a fireworks show this affordable and unique activity can’t be beat.

Ben Franklin the boat, Ben Franklin the bridge

Motoring to the dock


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What a nice, relaxing weekend.  Patrick and I spent Friday cruising out along Forbidden Drive.  It was practically abandoned, very different from our last visit on Good Friday.  We found a nice patch of grass to spread our picnic blanket on and chilled out for a few hours.  A goose heard me opening a bag of trail mix and came up to investigate.  I was too scared to throw him a bite; I think he would have settled in with us!

Feed ME!

On the way back we noticed that they are doing some repairs on one of the bridges.  There is a huge net hanging under the bridge to catch any falling debris or anyone trying to walk a tightrope I guess.

Cirq du Bridge

Speaking of which, when I walked past our park yesterday I saw two guys practicing on a tightrope strung between two trees!  They were being coached by an old, old grandma smoking a cigarette.  And I thought Ann Arbor was strange… West Philly is the best Philly, that’s for sure.

Anyway, on the way home from Forbidden Drive we checked out all the regatta action happening on the Schuylkill River. This weekend Philadelphia hosted the annual Dad Vail Regatta (named for Harry Emerson “Dad” Vail, what a nickname…) which attracts over 100 crews.  I was on the novice team for a year at UofM so I convinced Pat to let me reminisce and watch a few starts.

Riding my bike reminds me of rowing sometimes.  Great for your legs, you get to enjoy the outdoors, and you’re encouraged to wear spandex.  I’m just glad my bike doesn’t have a tiny person strapped to it screaming at me to go faster.  Though I’m sure I’ll redact that statement in a few years…

Getting set

On Saturday we rested and watched a ridiculous amount of “My Name is Earl” on the Xbox.  I think it’s funny that the show has the exact same premise for every single episode and yet it continues to be pretty entertaining.  I guess if you find the right premise you can make a show about anything.

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