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Uhhhgh I do not like the sound of this forecast: 100% chance of heavy rain/freezing rain during tomorrow’s a.m. commute.  Looks like I may be joining the rest of West Philly on the trolley. 

Snow, beautiful snow! Blah.

I know it’s only January but I’m ready for spring!!  I miss riding out into the “country” with Pat on the weekends.  Spending time exploring Fairmount Park and the Schuylkill drive… hurry up, spring!  I can’t wait to get back into biking shape soon.  But not in a wintry mix, no thanks.

Penn Museum windows

My parents gave us a telephoto lens for Christmas!  I took it on a visit to the Penn Museum which was fun but probably a bit overkill.  Next weekend Pat and I may take a city ride to get some more practice with it.

Chinese crystal ball

Sneaky out-the-window photo

I think reading about Tara and Tyler from “Going Slowly” is giving me spring fever, too.  Laying on a Cambodian beach all day, sipping coconut shakes and eating mango is right up my alley.  Last night I had a dream that we decided to spend extra time cycling Spain on our trip.  My dream-world Spain was warm, spicy and really, really sunny.  Who knows where our pedals will take us!

Hopefully there's no snow...


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