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I used to think Michigan had some crazy weather but after living in Philly I realize MI’s weather is not crazy, just reliably terrible.  Here it’s a total guessing game.  For example, winters here can be so extreme– it will snow for 28 hours straight, leaving behind 11 inches of snow and shutting the city down for days.  Then 3 weeks later it’s warm enough to wear spring jackets (and mini-skirts for those brave enough).  Yesterday there was a high of 68!

Valley Forge, PA

So we had a breakfast of champions, did some quick Bike Garage, hit up Lee’s Hoagie House and then got out of dodge.

Mmmm, fuel!

Before we left I hooked up the simple bike computer I got Pat for Christmas, it’s quite nifty.  It records a bunch of stuff but we biked 48.2 miles and hit a maximum speed of 21 mph.  Sweet!  

The Manayunk tow path was a slightly soupy mud pit at points.  I was grateful for my new hardcore tires and fenders.  My body is still pretty wary of falling though so I kept having to remind myself to chill and not tense up on every bump.  Mind over body!  Once we got to the paved part of the path we kept a good pace in spite of the slight, unceasing headwind.  Even with a sammie break we reached Valley Forge in about 2 hours and enjoyed a king-sized Snickers bar each at the visitor center.  Too delicious.

Outside Valley Forge visitor center

Pat occupied himself by harassing, I mean coaching my speed from behind most of the way home. 😉  I was pretty exhausted and crashed out from all that sugar but we kept a good speed most of the way.  The Schuylkill path was absolutely packed with oblivious runners on the way back into the city.  Though I guess I shouldn’t be grumpy when we all have the same awful spring fever!  Yesterday’s ride was challenging but not as bad as I thought it would be after 4 months of no long rides.  I’m really looking forward to spending this summer getting in shape for our trip!

Today it’s chilly again with insane wind gusts whipping in all directions.  I had to shift into grandma gear while riding into the city today, that would be pretty pathetic under normal circumstances.  I was sitting in the cafe at Pat’s work when their front door whipped open and smashed the front window.  See, crazy weather!

Good thing it's safety glass

Hopefully this early spring holds– Pat has a plan for a time-lapse photo project on the tow path.  I don’t think we’ll get the same awe-inspiring effects as Planet Earth but it should be pretty fun.  Stay tuned for more on that 🙂

Fossil watch ad??

Another weekend come and gone… sometimes they seem way too short!

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I like living in Philadelphia for many reasons but my favorite is that it sometimes makes me feel like I’m a tourist in my own town.  Not a regular tourist, of course… give me some credit!  But I do like experiencing unfamiliar parts of the city for the first time and noticing new details in old haunts. 

We started the day by cruising down newly re-paved Chestnut street.  The road stretched before us like a racetrack– smooth black asphalt and freshly painted crosswalks glistened.  I felt like I was riding on a less psychedelic-looking version of the Rainbow Road from Mario Kart.  Pat and I both look forward to Sunday morning’s work commute when we can cruise down the center line while the rest of the city battles hurricane Earl down the shore.


Breakfast was divine at the original Famous Fourth diner.  Our table was next to the window and I had a great view of the city.  As usual we were too full to hop back on our bikes after we were done eating.  So we waddled over to South street for some window shopping. 

Patrick is in the market for a new bike helmet, one like this.  We checked out urban chic Bicycle Revolutions but they didn’t have his size.  We got some information on custom frame painting from the shopkeeper, that might be a fun Christmas present…  Also I want one of these high-tech looking fanny packs:

Yeah, it's a fanny pack

Not to be defeated we checked for more bike shops in the area and decided to try Jay’s Pedal Power Bicycle Shop in Northern Liberties.  We got a little misdirected when I accidentally sped past our turn.  I was checking out the new Sugar House casino I’ve been reading about ever since we moved out here.  At least it has resulted in a newly paved north Columbus Blvd!  Anyway we didn’t find what Pat wanted at Jay’s either.  

So we zipped west across the city on Spring Garden, dropping south to get Pat’s phone upgraded at Verizon (hiss).  On the way out we realized we were in need of restorative margaritas, biking requires a lot of energy!  Mad Mex was surprisingly empty of Penn kids and they had on a rocking playlist.  

What black cherry frozen fruity margarita?

Thanks for another fun day, Philly!

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