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Stormy day

Yesterday was a strange weather day– furious rain storms interrupted by bursts of sunshine.  We dashed out into wild gusts of wind for a very important ingredient in our evening plans: egg roll wrappers, ohhhh yeah!

The wonderous egg roll tower

Pure delight!  Pat and I were embarrassingly stomped at euchre all night…  The cards were against me!  Pete and Erica brought over a delicious veggie salad, “Texas Caviar.”  Here’s Erica’s super easy recipe: Toss in a medium bowl: 4 bell peppers, one of each color, diced; 1 red onion, diced; 1 can white corn; 1 can black-eyed peas, rinsed; 1 can black beans, rinsed.  Combine in a saucepan and heat until boiling: 1 cup white sugar; 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar; 1/2 cup salad oil.  Pour over the veggies and chill.  Serve with tortilla chips.  Yum, thanks!

High five teamwork!

And today, although the sun is shining it’s still a chilly February day so we’re hunkered down inside, dreaming of warmer weather.  This summer is going to be busy with lots of bike rides and camping trips– we don’t want to be total greenhorns for our big trip.  We’ve also decided to take on a bigger challenge– the City to Shore bike ride sponsored by the MS Society.  There are a lot of route options but since the event is at the end of the summer we want to train for the 100-mile Saturday, 75-mile Sunday loop.  That’s a long haul!  We also have to raise a collective $600.  Luckily we have some time to work on that, too but we did set up the “generic” fundraising websites: Pat’s City to Shore and Liz’s City to Shore.  Expect more updates!

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