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6,000 Calorie Diet

Pledging yourself to a new diet this year?  Try the Kelley 6,000, it’s guaranteed to drastically alter your figure… though maybe the alteration I’m talking about will probably result in you buying larger pants.

Now it's cheerfully clogging my arteries

Anyway, to follow the diet plan don’t do anything out of the ordinary EXCEPT eat an entire plate of what you see above as often as possible.  Yes, you read that right.  A “bananas, white chocolate and peanut butter egg roll with side of fried bananas” diet.  It’s pretty awesome.

Don't forget the powdered sugar! It's 500 of the calories!

In all honesty I feel like I should probably eat salad for the next 3 weeks to make up for that delicious little feast.  It was pretty indulgent…  Instead we took a long walk yesterday and rode into the city today.  I’m calling it good. 🙂


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