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Well, the wintry winds are still roaring through Philly and we are again piled under 11 inches of snow.  No snow days from work, unfortunately.  And no plow down our street until today (4 days after the storm….)  Which means no bikes until the roads clear up a bit.  I saw some fools riding around the past few days, one dude was even trying to ride around during the storm on his fixed-gear (no brakes and track tires…)  Darwin Awards, anyone?  We’ll see how things look tomorrow after work and then maybe I’ll try it on Tuesday.  I must admit that my last spill knocked some more caution into me.  Big tree fall hard!

In the meantime I decided to do some work on the ole steed, something Pat and I like to call Bike Garage.  The last time I bought a new tube the bike shop mechanic suggested that I get new tires too since mine were pretty worn.  So Pat got some flat-fixing practice in and put on my new tires for me.  They are pretty beastly– I bought them because they have a Kevlar lining.  Hardcore!!!  Now I am safe from bits of glass AND bullets!

I think Captain Obvious drew these instructional pictures

Go ahead, shoot a bullet at my tire, see what happens (not really, please don't shoot at me)

They guy who sold them to me said he had his on for 4 years before he replaced them.  I think that’s getting a little carried away but they’ll at least wear better than my old ones.  Plus check out that reflective stripe!  I’m hoping that will help prevent cars from t-boning me.

What tread?

I also replaced all the brake pads on my bike, swapping in some that are better for winter and wet weather.  I really recommend getting a brake pad with a replaceable insert, that way you don’t have to fool around as much when they need to be replaced.  I would say you just slide the new brake pad in and voila!  but they were kind of hard to get in all the way so the lock pin would work.  Pat had to use his manly muscles.

Sporting our official Mechanic uniform-- PJ's

Just to be thorough (and because I was a little bored) I also cleaned up my frame, cleaned and greased my chain, adjusted my seat and tightened the brakes.  Now for some warmer weather so I can take it for a test run!  I am still not allowed to ride my bike in the house. 😦  Rules!


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