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Was it the warm sunshine on my face or the drowsiness of sleep not yet shaken that caused me to doubt the ferocity of the trolley tracks?  Am I getting overly confident?  Should I start having an extra cup of coffee before I leave the house to help widen my eyes a bit?  I have come to the conclusion that the answer to all these questions is: NO.  No, I am not a distracted cyclist, unsafe or half-asleep behind the handlebars (well, most mornings anyway). 

NOT a bike-friendly zone

It’s just that dang, those trolley tracks are wily!  Yesterday morning I was riding down the center of the tracks because my street STILL has not been plowed from the snowstorm.  I heard a car coming from behind and decided to bail across the trolley tracks– taking it at a 45 degree angle, of course.  My front wheel cleared but those slippery rails were not ready to let go of me yet.  The rest is all a blur– it ends with me on the ground wondering what just happened.  A quick inventory to make sure all my bones were still in one piece, that my super-awesome gloves held up to the impact and that my bike was okay and then back on the old steed.  I’m sure the guy chillin’ in his pickup truck across the street enjoyed the drama.

The weird part about all the unfortunate incidents I’ve had on my bike is that I can recall the moments leading up to the crash and the aftermath but never the crash itself.  It’s those few seconds where I’m airborne, my bike going one way as my body catapults the other that my brain simply does not record.  I wonder if the memory part of my brain shuts down so the “oh, sh*t!” cortex can have full usage of my neurons.

So I live to ride another day.  My once healthy fear of trolley tracks is now bordering on nervous mania, I actually got off my bike to walk across a tricky intersection on the way home.   Today I am sore, a little bruised but otherwise in one piece.  As always, I am glad I was wearing my helmet and that my guardian angel was somewhere in the vicinity at the time.

Get a bicycle.  You will certainly not regret it, if you live.

-Mark Twain


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“Got snow tires on that thing?” the elderly business man asked me as I unlocked my bike from outside Whole Foods.  I raised my eyebrows, “uh, yeah, something like that!”  Mushing a loaf of bread into my bag I double-checked that my blinky light was blinking, tightened my helmet strap and cautiously set out into the snowy streets.  Slowly, slowly I made my way down 21st street.  Traffic was crawling too; it seems like this city becomes gridlocked at the mere mention of snow, let alone a dusting

Lunar Lander dreaming of a white Christmas

Feeling confident that the roads were damp but not slick I moved at the slow speed of an inefficient evening commute.  I hit my stride on Walnut street, sliding past a snaking line of red tail-lights.  I was the only cyclist in sight as I cut south and west toward home.  I remembered my coworker telling me as I left be careful, I saw two guys on bikes wipe out.  Even Pat warned me to walk if it was slippery.  As I got further from the heavily travelled streets of Center City I realized that their warnings were probably good ones.

I decided to walk my bike the last block home, no need to risk a tumble when I’d made it that far.  Pat greeted me at the door with a steaming mug of vanilla rooibos tea laced with some raspberry schnapps– toasty! 

A man and his cheese

Today we spent the whole afternoon running errands in the city.  I love the bustle of holidays, fa la la la laaaaa.

Christmas bike

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