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I concocted this tasty, margarita-like drink in honor of Cinco de Mayo, my second most favorite “holiday celebrated with many drinks”.  But I think it’s perfect for any spring occasion– I plan on sipping one in my backyard while I gaze on the pretty flowers and enjoy the sweet songbirds tweeting. Ole!

In a hurricane glass (or for the non-fancy-glass equipped like myself, a pint glass works just as well) MIX well with ice:

1 oz tequila

1 oz triple sec

1 oz (about 3 tbsp) frozen pineapple juice concentrate– you could try other fruits too, this one just sounded yummy to me
Top with limeade (I like Santa Cruz brand) and garnish with a lime wedge.  Sip through a bendy straw for added fun 🙂

It's scary good

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One of my favorite things about Philadelphia is the smooth path lining the Schuylkill river– it’s accessible, gives you a break from the city streets and is well-maintained.  One of my least favorite things about Philadelphia is when people get lost in la-la land while using this path, completely unaware of anything outside their two square feet of pavement.  Undoubtedly (and in deference to my last post) this results in me having to ride cautiously, rather than rip through as the blur of cycling awesomeness I prefer.  Luckily it’s now May and for the next several months the Fairmount Park Commission gives Philadelphians like me the most fabulous treat– the car-free, pedestrian/cyclist/rollerblader heaven that is West River Drive on the weekend!

Take that, cars!

I had planned to ride out to Valley Forge today, I really need to get some more long hauls in…  But when I realized the Drive was closed I just stuck close to home.  I did four laps of the car-free section which I think ended up being around 25 miles.  It was so delightful riding in the sunshine, feeling the breeze at my back, and honking back at the many nesting geese.  These guys know the sound of a trail mix bag…

Don't take food from strangers, silly goose.

Fairmount Park is so gorgeous in the spring.  I definitely did one-lap-on, one-off for this ride so I had plenty of time to admire the scenery.  The newly green trees and pretty little flowers popping up make me grin like the adorable labradoodle loping along next to its owner (I hope my tongue wasn’t hanging out that much though).   All four lanes of West River Drive are closed to traffic, leaving plenty of room for families to ride together, rollerbladers to throw their arms around wildly and for joggers to run right down the middle of the road just because you can.  I love it all. 

Panoramic park


Stab that dragon!I think he forgot his suit of armor... and undies (hee!)


This week I’m definitely back to my 100 mile challenge.  The weather looks like it’s really spring so I have no excuses!

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Uhhhgh I do not like the sound of this forecast: 100% chance of heavy rain/freezing rain during tomorrow’s a.m. commute.  Looks like I may be joining the rest of West Philly on the trolley. 

Snow, beautiful snow! Blah.

I know it’s only January but I’m ready for spring!!  I miss riding out into the “country” with Pat on the weekends.  Spending time exploring Fairmount Park and the Schuylkill drive… hurry up, spring!  I can’t wait to get back into biking shape soon.  But not in a wintry mix, no thanks.

Penn Museum windows

My parents gave us a telephoto lens for Christmas!  I took it on a visit to the Penn Museum which was fun but probably a bit overkill.  Next weekend Pat and I may take a city ride to get some more practice with it.

Chinese crystal ball

Sneaky out-the-window photo

I think reading about Tara and Tyler from “Going Slowly” is giving me spring fever, too.  Laying on a Cambodian beach all day, sipping coconut shakes and eating mango is right up my alley.  Last night I had a dream that we decided to spend extra time cycling Spain on our trip.  My dream-world Spain was warm, spicy and really, really sunny.  Who knows where our pedals will take us!

Hopefully there's no snow...

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