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Good thing I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution about writing in my blog regularly…  Ah well, life is too short to regret not posting to your online journal often enough.  Nay?

ghost tree

Check out some night photography Pat and I did the other day.  It did not turn out the way we expected, but it isn’t bad either.  We didn’t use a flash so the tripod Pat gave me for Christmas really came in handy. 

Christmas is OVER already!

This is from a walk through University of Penn’s campus.  They must run on steam for heat or electricity (or both) because they have these vents all over the place.  My college had them too but they were disguised as kiosks for hanging posters on.  I stood on this one for a few minutes, hoping Pat would get a cool picture, but then it got too sweaty and gross. 


Beam me up, Chem Lab!

My husband truly loves art

In other news, my parents, Pat and I ate at PYT in Northern Liberties today.  They have some crazy burgers there!  I selected one with a fried egg and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin, very odd but okay.  I think my dad’s was the best– burger topped with cheese steak, Wiz and onions on a soft pretzel bun.  NOM NOM NOM!


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