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tired cat (not like he worked all day...)

what a yawn!

We had two big thunderstorms today.  Luckily no major winds like the storm a few weeks ago.  I patiently waited on our back stoop under the cover of our neighbor’s balcony for the storm to pass.  Cool rain washed away the mugginess of the day’s heat.  Thunder boomed loud and commanding as lightning flashed across the sky.  I filled my nostrils with the sweet smell of damp earth.  Soon enough the rain slowed, the clouds parted and I ventured into our soggy backyard to document the drips and drops:

rain and sun loving weeds


I couldn’t stop thinking about science the whole time I watched the storm.  Today I found out that the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is holding a contest to find a “roommate” for a month– you go live in the MSI for a month and blog/tweet/talk to visitors about it.  How cool would that be?!  I love that place– my parents would take us to Chicago at Christmastime and I have many fond and vivid memories of the MSI.  I have to make a 60-second video on why they should pick me…  isn’t being a huge museum and science nerd enough?

Isn’t it amazing that science can explain the shape of a raindrop, the different “pings” that raindrop makes when it hits different surfaces and even the ripple-y puddle it falls into?  Living before the “age of enlightenment” must have been so mysterious.  Thunder wasn’t caused by super-heated air expanding, it was the ire of the gods.  The hammer of Thor!  But what I find really fascinating was that even before modern science people were still finding ways to explain the world around them.  Isn’t that what science is all about?  Finding problems in our world, thinking about them critically, trying out experiments to learn more and then drawing thoughtful conclusions.  Before we knew it existed, humans were naturally interested in science.  Go SCIENCE!


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