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If you know me at all then you know I’m definitely not watching the Super Bowl tonight.  Instead I made some soup… and ate it in a bowl.  So I think that counts for something!  I tried a new Rachael Ray recipe from her latest magazine– a veggie soup with dumplings.  I’ve never made dumplings in soup before and was a little nervous but it turned out pretty good.  I’m also wondering what the point of a bay leaf is?  I bought a little container of them but only needed one for the soup.  Now what to do with the other 10 fresh bay leaves?

Rainy weekend

This nasty weather has meant a longer wait to get back on my bike.  The bike lanes are still crappy and our street is a sheet of ice pretty much everywhere except the trolley track.  Siiiiiiiigh.  We’ve been walking to and from work a lot lately.  It’s a pretty nice walk and if I time it right I get to watch the sunrise and sunset.  This morning I was ogling a particularly nice, orangey sunrise and slipped on a little black ice.  I will need to keep that in mind for when I’m an old lady and my bones aren’t as resilient– if you want to admire the pretty sky stop walking.  Check.

I led a family workshop at work today about Leonardo da Vinci (our new travelling exhibit).  I asked the class what they could tell me about symmetry.  A very eager young boy in the back quickly raised his hand and proudly announced, “That’s where the dead people are buried!”  Too funny!

Photo by Pat

My next project: Death by Chocolate Cheesecake for my hubby’s Valentine’s Day present.  I’m doing research now so I can find the most decadent, sinfully rich and chocolate-y chocolate combination possible.  We both agree that an actual death by too much delicious chocolate is by far one of the best ways to go.  Hopefully this dessert doesn’t reach that extreme, but I am definitely saving up my calories!

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