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Hello, real winter

Last week I spent 48 hours in Madison, WI for a work conference on how to create programs for teaching nanotechnology.  Needless to say, a very small amount of that time was spent doing anything non-conference related.  I did get a chance to stroll around one evening and got up early the next day to walk around a little.  I felt like I was in the Wisconsin version of Ann Arbor most of the time– college kids, funky little shops (saw my new favorite t-shirt slogan, “With Great Mustache Comes Great Responsibility”, ha!), friendly vibe and, of course, protesters! 

I kinda wanted to stand up there to take a picture...

On the first night I was there I saw about 200 people just milling about the Capitol, holding signs, chanting and occasionally blowing vuvuzelas at politicians inside the building:

The guy in the front was just chanting "shame!" the whole time

On the next night about 1,000 people marched around the building and had a rally at the entrance.  I guess later that night they found out that the Capitol has to be open during business hours.  Too bad it didn’t reopen until today, it looked really pretty inside!

The building is only 3 feet shorter than our nation's Capitol!

I left the rally early because the conference was buying us dinner at The Great Dane, a pretty yummy brew-pub.  I would definitely recommend the “cheese curds”, basically mini mozzerella sticks dipped in ranch.  Trust me when I say I ate more cheese in 48 hours than is probably recommended.  But what else am I to do in Madison in winter?  I brought home some delicious samples from FromagInation, my new, cheesy heaven on Earth.  Three words: onion-garlic-gouda. 

The diary in WI is definitely solid.

The conference was hosted by University of Wisconsin and we met in their new Engineering Centers building.  I did some poking around the campus before the day started, also reminded me of U of M.  I would love to see this city in springtime.

Old school...

... meet the new school.

Lots of interesting architecture

The Descendant's Fountain

I found this link for the fountain above.  When I saw it in person I just thought it had a really cool design and liked the name.  Now I want to go back when it’s running!  Here are a few more pictures from my trip:

Leaving the gov'na love notes (not)

Yeah dairy state!

Lots of peaceful protesters

Watching the action



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“Got snow tires on that thing?” the elderly business man asked me as I unlocked my bike from outside Whole Foods.  I raised my eyebrows, “uh, yeah, something like that!”  Mushing a loaf of bread into my bag I double-checked that my blinky light was blinking, tightened my helmet strap and cautiously set out into the snowy streets.  Slowly, slowly I made my way down 21st street.  Traffic was crawling too; it seems like this city becomes gridlocked at the mere mention of snow, let alone a dusting

Lunar Lander dreaming of a white Christmas

Feeling confident that the roads were damp but not slick I moved at the slow speed of an inefficient evening commute.  I hit my stride on Walnut street, sliding past a snaking line of red tail-lights.  I was the only cyclist in sight as I cut south and west toward home.  I remembered my coworker telling me as I left be careful, I saw two guys on bikes wipe out.  Even Pat warned me to walk if it was slippery.  As I got further from the heavily travelled streets of Center City I realized that their warnings were probably good ones.

I decided to walk my bike the last block home, no need to risk a tumble when I’d made it that far.  Pat greeted me at the door with a steaming mug of vanilla rooibos tea laced with some raspberry schnapps– toasty! 

A man and his cheese

Today we spent the whole afternoon running errands in the city.  I love the bustle of holidays, fa la la la laaaaa.

Christmas bike

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