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Well it’s finally happened: the Red Ring of Death has cast its crimson shadow upon Pat’s entertainment center.  The XBox had been acting up for a few days and something about the number of steps Pat had to go through on the “diagnostics” page of Microsoft’s support site told me things weren’t looking up.  It bounced back after a lengthy cool-down session (i.e. no Red Dead for a whole day) but late Thursday night the XBox’s demise was undeniable:

Evil red glow

All is not lost though.  It’s still under warrantee so Pat can send it back for a replacement.  Of course while that happens he will already have the shiny new Halo Reach console, even I have to admit it looks pretty sleek. 

As usual I am annoyed that I have to work on a holiday everyone else gets off.  I shouldn’t be since I am in a business that thrives on vacationers.  But it still seems a little stinky.  However I can console myself with the fact that I will be laying on a Hawaiian beach in a mere 23 days.  Aloha!


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